The Spiritual Playground

A creative, wellness based space filled with positive energy where you are free to teach, learn, create, move, or just be.

The total space is about 1900 blissful square feet. It includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The front bedroom can be a photography studio or artists studio. Almost every item in the space is mobile and can be used as a prop for photography or anything you desire. There is lots of natural light coming from three huge West facing windows at the front of the space. There is a full kitchen in the middle of the space for cooking meals or storing snacks and refreshments.

The space also includes a ballet bar, aerial yoga silk on a spinner, mats, blocks, blankets and other yoga props. It even has a mini tramp.

The space can be rented on an hourly basis or for up to three days at a time. It is ideal for photographers, yoga workshops, yoga classes, private lessons, meditation, massage therapy, Reiki, or any other wellness based activity.

There is ample parking in the back of the building after 5pm on weeknights and on the weekends.



$100 for 2 hours (minimum rental time)
$50 for each additional hour


$500/day (3 day maximum)

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