Private Lessons

My approach to teaching is starting from the ground up. Making sure there is a solid understanding and foundation of the basic postures, sun salutations, and chaturanga first and foremost. I’ll work with you on alignment, strength, flexibility, and balance. I will tailor the private to foster your specific goals and needs. Once the foundations of yoga are understood and practiced then I can teach and spot you on some more advanced postures like inversions, heart opening, and interesting transitions.

Price per Lesson with Mindful Jess:

$80/hour for one person
$140/hour for two people
$200/hour for three people

Or purchase a packages of privates:

3 pack- $200
5 pack- $300
10 pack- $600

What makes me different from other teachers?

Growing up I was an elite level gymnast. I was picked as one of the strongest gymnasts in the country to compete on a national level for strength and conditioning. I’ve always had incredible body awareness and an understanding of form and function of the body. I have to move. I also danced and performed in a company for many years. In 2005 I received the Miss Oklahoma USA Swimsuit and Fitness award. I’ve been training using functional fitness my entire life since gymnastics. I never stopped conditioning. I have always used plyometrics and calisthenics to train hard and smart. This is why I am so strong today and in the best shape of my life at 32 years old.

I understand and teach the importance of core conditioning first and foremost. We literally use our core for everything we do and every pose in asana.

I have coached gymnastics on and off since I was 16 years old. I love learning and I love teaching. I received my 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification in 2011. I trained with Sean Corn for another 30 hour certification. I have done countless other workshops and taken thousands of hours of yoga classes. I have my current CPR training as well.

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