Why You Should Start a hOMe Practice and Where to Begin

How to start a hOMe practice…

You’ll need two things and two things only, other than a home of course 🙂



That’s all!!! You don’t need a mat, you don’t need athleisure wear, actually you don’t even need a home 🤗 You could practice in a park, on a hiking trail, in an airplane, you can literally practice yoga ANYWHERE!!! The world is your SPIRITUAL PLAYGROUND.

I highly recommend starting at home for so many reasons!!!

It’s free!

It allows you to learn at your own pace which is key to starting and keeping a consistent practice.

It’s just you. There is no one looking at you, so you can move more freely.

There are no rules and you can do it anytime you desire.

It took me a long time to develop my home practice, so I’m not saying it’s easy. The hard part for most folks is the second ingredient, dedication. You have to make a commitment and stick with it. It helps to have goals around the asana as well. That’s how my home practice began. I’d come home from class and just start working on different variations or transitions. My home practice became my playtime. And then it turned into more like choreography. And now it is my creative outlet, my art and my MAGIC!

  • I recommend, 5 minutes a day to start and keep it simple. Obviously more time if you feel like you can commit.

  • It is helpful to have a dedicated zone in the house, without distractions like tv or food or children. However, even better if you want to incorporate your child  I’ll elaborate more on that later.

  • Connecting with your BREATH is the most important element!!!

  • Start by being still and standing or sitting in an upright position. Slow your breathing. Become very aware of your breathing. Try to count to 3,4, whatever number you’d like while inhaling, do the same with the exhale. Make your breath even. The longer the better.

  • Start to move with your breath. This is where intuition comes in. If you only know a couple poses, maybe try connecting them with your breath. But feel free to get as creative as you like! I encourage any movement.

  • Yoga is not rigid! In my mind yoga is any movement where you are paying attention, connecting with your body, listening closely to what your body needs, supporting the breath, using mindfulness. (Example: for my dad, swimming is his yoga, his therapy)

  • https://mindfuljess.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/img_5213.mov

In my video on Instagram in the park I do a basic standing sequence.  A little free flow to connect with breath, then tadasana, mountain pose, forward fold (I always put my hands at third eye center for intuition while folding), half lift (this resets the spine and is good anytime after forward folding or back bending), forward fold again, bend knees to roll up to stand in tadasana, then heads at heart center, samastittihi.  Repeat, add whatever you would like, maybe a backbend with cactus the arms like I do in my video.  Also feel free to add your own yoga flair. I can get pretty spicy in my flows sometimes.  Have fun!!!

Two more things that I feel are extremely important… move with passion! Be passionate about your practice. And always invert, get your head below your heart in some capacity.

Good luck! I am here to support you!

You are  You are  Namaste 

Jessica Branson