I am an extreme truth seeker. I always have been. I see right through bull shit and I don’t have time for games, half truths, lies, manipulations, deceptions and so on.

I believe whole heartedly in full transparency, honor, virtue, and integrity. No matter what the cost or circumstance.

This is a great segue into a topic I have wanted to broach for some time.

The topic at hand is… endorsements, ambassadorships, affiliations, content creation, marketing and anything else you’d like to call it. I suppose advertising sums it up pretty well.

Let’s start with this. I am a brand. So are you. I have been a brand since the moment I came into this human form, wether I like it or not. My brand has likely been consistent for many lifetimes because my soul inhabited those brands, personalities, bodies, value systems, etc. I embody a brand. For these purposes my brand is Mindful Jess.

Since day one of my mindful social media journey, almost a year ago, I have always had the same mission statement… it has stayed consistent, just like me, and has never changed. That mission or even more, INTENTION of mine, is to help you create AWARENESS. Awareness is key to everything in your life, your loved ones lives, and the betterment of the world as a whole.

Mindfulness is awareness.

Yoga is awareness.

Meditation is awareness.

And with self awareness comes self love.

So you see, the theme has not changed. The only thing that has changed a little is this… I get to monetize my work. Like any good artist, this is a dream come true. I worked my ass off, I hustled, I created relationships and found mentors, I spent countless hours studying my craft, trying to refine and polish my work, and I’ll continue to do just that for…. well forever. Because that’s who I am. I am sponge, an avid learner, a boundary pusher, an artist, and even a rebel at times.

But I keep coming back to this one basic principle… I am here to inspire you. I am here to help you live your best life. Find your TRUTH. Find your MAGIC.

I will never be dishonest with you. I will never break the trust of our relationship. Please know that each and every company, product, or entity that I mention, promote, or create content for, have one major thing in common. And that is… my belief in them, their product, their ethics, standards, and their own philosophy and mission statement.

Which typically includes but is not limited to a basis of service, giving back to community, holistic wellness and nutrition, and a whole lot of love.

So… if you have any questions, ask away. I am an open book as always. I felt a strong need to address this as I move forward. I wish this topic was talked about more prevalently on this platform or others. I have nothing to hide and only a lot to give. Let’s create something MAGICAL together 

Jessica Branson