Flexibility: The Struggle is Real

First of all… love all the comments and vulnerability from yesterday’s post!!! Yay!

I truly believe that flexibility is often tide to our emotional wellbeing. So much of our physical experience embodies where we are mentality at the time. I have seen more than a few men and women crying in yoga during the deep hip flexor stretch called Pigeon pose. This is exactly what I’m talking about. So please try to keep an open mind here. Those of you who struggle with flexibility… Could your rigid or limiting beliefs about your flexibility be causing you to feel extra pain or discomfort?

I recognize and empathize that it is hard to sit with difficult emotions, especially when they come up in a yoga class or while trying to make a frustrating shape. The ego takes a huge hit when this happens. You are surrounding by strangers who you think are judging you, but really you are the only one judging you, you can’t into the pose because it hurts, and you’ve got emotions coming up. Wow! No wonder you want to throw in the towel right then and there.

Maybe you give up too easily. Do you tell yourself things like… “I’m just not bendy. I am tight and I will never be flexible. I’ll just have to live this way forever”
If this is you… let me tell you… you don’t have to live like this!!! But first, I think we need to work on your thought process and limiting beliefs and maybe some underlying trauma that is causing you to feel emotional discomfort.

This may not apply to you, but I promise at some level you have felt pain in your body that was founded on your feelings and not on connections made from your logical mind and body. So please keep reading.

What are these limiting beliefs founded on? How can we change your attitude? It is important to open your mind and your heart before we dive into enhancing your stretching capabilities. Let me tell you… You are missing out on so much more than just yoga by allowing yourself to remain less mobile than you could be.

I never thought I could be as flexible as I am today, especially around in my backbends/heart openers. I used to hold a lot of my pain in my back from all the trauma I was dealing with, the eating disorder, the shame and feelings of unworthiness. I was able to move through these and become more open than ever because of my newfound awareness, yoga, mindfulness, and persistence. I didn’t give up and I quit doubting myself.
I am here to help you believe in yourself. I’m here to support you in loving yourself and in finding more space in your mind and in your body.

This is so much bigger than asana, this is where the real work begins. It may sound scary because it is… but you are strong enough to do this. I promise.

Tomorrow I’ll continue this idea and tell you how to start working on your flexibility with some different techniques I use.
You are  You are  Namaste 

Jessica Branson