I am an extreme truth seeker. I always have been. I see right through bull shit and I don’t have time for games, half truths, lies, manipulations, deceptions and so on.

I believe whole heartedly in full transparency, honor, virtue, and integrity. No matter what the cost or circumstance.

This is a great segue into a topic I have wanted to broach for some time.

The topic at hand is… endorsements, ambassadorships, affiliations, content creation, marketing and anything else you’d like to call it. I suppose advertising sums it up pretty well 😉

Let’s start with this. I am a brand. So are you. I have been a brand since the moment I came into this human form, wether I like it or not. My brand has likely been consistent for many lifetimes because my soul inhabited those brands, personalities, bodies, value systems, etc. I embody a brand. For these purposes my brand is Mindful Jess.

Since day one of my mindful social media journey, almost a year ago, I have always had the same mission statement… it has stayed consistent, just like me, and has never changed. That mission or even more, INTENTION of mine, is to help you create AWARENESS. Awareness is key to everything in your life, your loved ones lives, and the betterment of the world as a whole.

Mindfulness is awareness.

Yoga is awareness.

Meditation is awareness.

And with self awareness comes self love.

So you see, the theme has not changed. The only thing that has changed a little is this… I get to monetize my work. Like any good artist, this is a dream come true. I worked my ass off, I hustled, I created relationships and found mentors, I spent countless hours studying my craft, trying to refine and polish my work, and I’ll continue to do just that for…. well forever. Because that’s who I am. I am sponge, an avid learner, a boundary pusher, an artist, and even a rebel at times.

But I keep coming back to this one basic principle… I am here to inspire you. I am here to help you live your best life. Find your TRUTH. Find your MAGIC.

I will never be dishonest with you. I will never break the trust of our relationship. Please know that each and every company, product, or entity that I mention, promote, or create content for, have one major thing in common. And that is… my belief in them, their product, their ethics, standards, and their own philosophy and mission statement.

Which typically includes but is not limited to a basis of service, giving back to community, holistic wellness and nutrition, and a whole lot of love.

So… if you have any questions, ask away. I am an open book as always. I felt a strong need to address this as I move forward. I wish this topic was talked about more prevalently on this platform or others. I have nothing to hide and only a lot to give. Let’s create something MAGICAL together 🙏🏻🔮💜



You are 💖 You are ☀️ Namaste 🙏🏻💜🙏🏻

How to make #BATHTIME MAGIC…


You’ll only need one thing, other than you, and some warm water…

Pacha Soap Co.’s™ new Salt Block™ will help you achieve mystic status.

This genius, little delicacy has all the makings of your favorite bath, minus all the fuss.

If you are like me, and you are an expert bather, then you know what goes into the perfect soaking experience.
The list can go on and on but my go-to ingredients include:

*Some kind of nourishing oil,

*Essential oils for aromatherapy,

*Fresh or dried botanicals,

*Epsom salts (great for athletes and sore muscles),

*Maybe a bath bomb too.

Now, this can become excessive pretty quickly.

Not only is it time-consuming, but it’s also expensive.

What if you could have it all…in one item? That’s sound like magic, because it is, and it’s called a Salt Block.

I was honored to be one of the first extreme bathist’s to get to try this new gem. And I must say… it was everything I’d hoped it would be. Starting from the beginning, the way it looks, smells, and feels.

There are three different varieties for your bathing pleasure, one for detox, one for hydration, and the other for sore muscles.  Naturally, I chose the one designed for sore muscles first, because lets face it, I spend most of my life in some kind of muscle aching status.

I started my Salt Block bathtime by really inhaling that aroma before running the water. Once I had mindfully taken in the scent, then I started the water and began to slowly let it fizz and crumble into the tub. It didn’t end there though. I took some of the remnants and rubbed them on my bare skin for a pre tub exfoliant. This felt amazing. Then, I submerged myself into the elegant, sensory experience.

I seriously felt so refreshed after I got out of the tub on both occasions that I’ve tried this new ritual.  I swear my muscles were more relaxed along with my mind. You really can’t ask for anything more from #bathtime.

So, needless to say, the Salt Block has officially become a staple at my spiritual playground. I highly recommend you try one ASAP. You can learn more more about them at, or buy them online at or at any Whole Foods Market.

Happy bathing friends! 🙏🏻❤️😘”

High School Horrors


Another truth. Feeling inspired.

I was bullied a lot growing up. Like mean girls style but even worse.

I didn’t know how to fight back. I didn’t know how to be mean, nor did I want to. So I just let these bullies walk all over me and treat me with hate and disrespect.

This obviously affected me a lot. I don’t blame anyone for my problems. I own all the behaviors I used to cope with my traumas. But my greatest trauma came from this. So I feel it’s necessary to share.

I could tell you stories that would make you crawl in your skin. After going to my first in-patient rehab facility for my eating disorder when I was 16, I couldn’t bare the thought of returning to my old high school to be taunted again. So, this is a big reason why my parents moved from Oklahoma to Colorado at that time.

However, there were mean girls there too. I couldn’t escape them. I used to hide in the bathroom during periods and drive home everyday to eat lunch. Eventually I started using my eating disorder again to cope. Then I started using alcohol. This was a deadly combination. I’m kind of surprised I’m alive sometimes.

For many years I had night terrors around this trauma. I didn’t trust women or have the capacity to develop healthy relationships with them.

The moral of this story. Anytime someone judges you, hurts you, puts you down, makes you feel worthless, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. I wish I knew this earlier. Would have saved me a lot of pain.

The truth is this bullying comes from a place of deep insecurity. The bullies insecurity. We need to better educate our children on this topic. Some of my bullies’ parents actually encouraged it and were bullies themselves. So sad. We need to lift each other up instead of being scared of other’s magic. We all contain MAGIC. I wish we could all shine instead of hurt each other.

Some of my predators follow me on here. Kind of ironic. I hope they read this one. I don’t expect an apology or anything. I just want to create awareness around once again, another very difficult topic.

Flexibility: The Struggle is Real

First of all… love all the comments and vulnerability from yesterday’s post!!! Yay!
I truly believe that flexibility is often tide to our emotional wellbeing. So much of our physical experience embodies where we are mentality at the time. I have seen more than a few men and women crying in yoga during the deep hip flexor stretch called Pidgeon pose. This is exactly what I’m talking about. So please try to keep an open mind here. Those of you who struggle with flexibility… Could your rigid or limiting beliefs about your flexibility be causing you to feel extra pain or discomfort? I recognize and empathize that it is hard to sit with difficult emotions, especially when they come up in a yoga class or while trying to make a frustrating shape. The ego takes a huge hit when this happens. You are surrounding by strangers who you think are judging you, but really you are the only one judging you, you can’t into the pose because it hurts, and you’ve got emotions coming up. Wow! No wonder you want to throw in the towel right then and there.
Maybe you give up too easily. Do you tell yourself things like… “I’m just not bendy. I am tight and I will never be flexible. I’ll just have to live this way forever”
If this is you… let me tell you… you don’t have to live like this!!! But first, I think we need to work on your thought process and limiting beliefs and maybe some underlying trauma that is causing you to feel emotional discomfort.

This may not apply to you, but I promise at some level you have felt pain in your body that was founded on your feelings and not on connections made from your logical mind and body. So please keep reading.
What are these limiting beliefs founded on? How can we change your attitude? It is important to open your mind and your heart before we dive into enhancing your stretching capabilities. Let me tell you… You are missing out on so much more than just yoga by allowing yourself to remain less mobile than you could be.
I never thought I could be as flexible as I am today, especially around in my backbends/heart openers. I used to hold a lot of my pain in my back from all the trauma I was dealing with, the eating disorder, the shame and feelings of unworthiness. I was able to move through these and become more open than ever because of my newfound awareness, yoga, mindfulness, and persistence. I didn’t give up and I quit doubting myself.
I am here to help you believe in yourself. I’m here to support you in loving yourself and in finding more space in your mind and in your body.
This is so much bigger than asana, this is where the real work begins. It may sound scary because it is… but you are strong enough to do this. I promise.

Tomorrow I’ll continue this idea and tell you how to start working on your flexibility with some different techniques I use.
You are 💜 You are 🔥 Namaste 🙏🏻💞🙏🏻

Why You Should Start a hOMe Practice and Where to Begin

How to start a hOMe practice…

You’ll need two things and two things only, other than a home of course 🙂

  1. Intuition
  2. Dedication

That’s all!!! You don’t need a mat, you don’t need athleisure wear, actually you don’t even need a home 🤗 You could practice in a park, on a hiking trail, in an airplane, you can literally practice yoga ANYWHERE!!! The world is your SPIRITUAL PLAYGROUND.

I highly recommend starting at home for so many reasons!!!

  • It’s free!
  • It allows you to learn at your own pace which is key to starting and keeping a consistent practice.
  • It’s just you. There is no one looking at you, so you can move more freely.
  • There are no rules and you can do it anytime you desire.

It took me a long time to develop my home practice, so I’m not saying it’s easy. The hard part for most folks is the second ingredient, dedication. You have to make a commitment and stick with it. It helps to have goals around the asana as well. That’s how my home practice began. I’d come home from class and just start working on different variations or transitions. My home practice became my playtime. And then it turned into more like choreography. And now it is my creative outlet, my art and my MAGIC!

  • I recommend, 5 minutes a day to start and keep it simple. Obviously more time if you feel like you can commit.
  • It is helpful to have a dedicated zone in the house, without distractions like tv or food or children. However, even better if you want to incorporate your child 🙂 I’ll elaborate more on that later.
  • Connecting with your BREATH is the most important element!!!
  • Start by being still and standing or sitting in an upright position. Slow your breathing. Become very aware of your breathing. Try to count to 3,4, whatever number you’d like while inhaling, do the same with the exhale. Make your breath even. The longer the better.
  • Start to move with your breath. This is where intuition comes in. If you only know a couple poses, maybe try connecting them with your breath. But feel free to get as creative as you like! I encourage any movement.
  • Yoga is not rigid! In my mind yoga is any movement where you are paying attention, connecting with your body, listening closely to what your body needs, supporting the breath, using mindfulness. (Example: for my dad, swimming is his yoga, his therapy)

In my video on Instagram in the park I do a basic standing sequence.  A little free flow to connect with breath, then tadasana, mountain pose, forward fold (I always put my hands at third eye center for intuition while folding), half lift (this resets the spine and is good anytime after forward folding or back bending), forward fold again, bend knees to roll up to stand in tadasana, then heads at heart center, samastittihi.  Repeat, add whatever you would like, maybe a backbend with cactus the arms like I do in my video.  Also feel free to add your own yoga flair. I can get pretty spicy in my flows sometimes.  Have fun!!!

Two more things that I feel are extremely important… move with passion! Be passionate about your practice. And always invert, get your head below your heart in some capacity.

Good luck! I am here to support you!

You are 💖 You are 🔥 Namaste 🙏🏻

YOGA is for YOU

YOGA is for YOU

Yoga is not rigid.  Yoga does not discriminate.  Yoga is for everyone. And every human on earth can benefit from the practice.  

From high level athletes, to people struggling with addiction, to the severely obese, and even the happiest person you know.  We all need it.

Here are the top reasons I hear why people don’t practice-

  1. I’m not flexible enough.
  2. I’m overweight or out of shape.
  3. I don’t know where to start.
  4. It’s too expensive.
  5. It’s too difficult.
  6. I don’t have time.


If you fall into one of these categories, I’m going to fill you in on a little secret.

You WILL increase flexibility if you practice. I promise.  And you will find that you love having more mobility in everything you do.  Any sport you do, you’ll become better at.

You WILL create more body awareness. You will think faster, you will sleep better, you’ll wake up more rested and feel good when you get out of bed in the morning.

Yoga will OPEN your MIND.  You will no longer think linearly.  You’ll be more creative and think outside of the box.  This would probably help you in your professional career too.


Yoga will OPEN your HEART.  Your relationships will become stronger.  You’ll be able to have more compassion and “show up” better for the ones you love most.


You will feel less alone.  Just ask my friend @theonelyyogi. You’ll start to understand that you are actually a part of everything, so you are never truly alone.  You’ll begin to understand what ONENESS and EQUANIMITY are all about. This will help you to BELIEVE in yourself more. You’ll gain more CONFIDENCE.  You will feel FREE.  And all of this will allow you to access your MAGIC.


You’ll REMEMBER where you came from.  You’ll remember that child with all of those DREAMS  and wonderment.  You’ll follow your HEART more closely. You will rediscover your PASSIONS and hopefully you will pursue them fiercely.  

Like I have done.  I believe in you.  You can do this too.

So…I encourage you to stop making excuses.  

What choices are you making with your time instead of yoga?

In order to receive these benefits from the practice you have to …

First, make a commitment to yourself and your practice.  Once a week to start or whatever you are comfortable with.  You don’t have to do 108 days in a row. Although that would certainly help. Even a seven day commitment would help ease you into a routine and build momentum.

Second, you have to be dedicated.  Once you commit, stick with your promise.  If you do miss a day, its ok, don’t be hard on yourself or judge yourself, this will only harm your practice.  Just start again tomorrow.

Third, think of a specific GOAL around a pose or a sequence that you’d like to achieve.  This will help you to stick with your plan. My goals help to keep me grounded and stay committed to my asana practice.  I am always working on something new and challenging.  Which keeps itfun and fresh.  It could be an inversion, like crow or even handstand. It could be around flexibility, like half pidgeon or fire log pose.  Whatever your flavor, just set the intention and make a plan, a process, for how you are going to achieve said goal.


Remember, if you write down your yoga commitment and your yoga goal, it makes it that much stronger.  Also, I encourage you to share your positive intentions with your family and friends, and even post on social media.  That will help keep you accountable during your new and exciting yoga journey. If you’d like you can use the hashtag #mindfuljess when you post and I can follow along.

Know that I am always here to support you in life and in your practice.  You can email me at if you have any questions or if you are needing encouragement.  


You are love, you are light. Namaste.

The Truth Will Set You Free

The Truth Will Set You Free

I’ve been getting more and more people inquiring about my nutrition. I am flattered by these inquiries and I am looking forward to sharing my tips and secrets with you.  But there is one thing that has been holding me back. So I thought I would take this opportunity as a segue to finally expose my truth. Here is the brief version and I will elaborate more in the near future.  


I have battled an eating disorder for almost twenty years now.  I am still fighting the good fight, the difference is now, I am finally winning.


It began when I was 13 years old  and now I am 32. It ruined my dreams.  Crushed my family and many of my relationships.  Damaged my health. Made me mentally unstable at times. Created anxieties.  Made me quit believing in myself. Told me I was worthless, fat, ugly, and unlovable.


It was even responsible for a gripping drug addiction, which I eliminated, without undergoing treatment, around 3 years ago. How did I manage to do that? I started practicing MINDFULNESS.  Hence the name Mindful Jess. Yoga played a big role too. They are a great compliment to one another.


The drug addiction went away but the eating disorder remained and only became stronger because I wasn’t using anymore.  So I was using ED instead.


I have undergone two rounds of in patient treatment and been hospitalized several times for my eating disorder over the years.  For many of the last twenty years I had given up hope that I would ever be well. I thought that I would be taking this ED to the grave with me.



I have consistently been in therapy for almost all of the twenty years.  I see my current therapist weekly and she has been invaluable to my recovery process.  I am recovery FOCUSED. In a discovery mode. I am not sure that I will ever call myself recovered, I just don’t like to think in those terms.  Recovery is a process and we are always learning and trying to improve ourselves. What I can say though, is I am the most WELL now, both mentally and physically, than I have ever been since the beginning of this ED hell nightmare.  


Last year I was about to go back in for another round of in patient treatment. I was really sick and some days I felt like giving up.  Yoga kept me going. It was the only thing that got me out of the house and it was the one thing I looked forward to anymore. My hair was falling out, my skin was breaking out, I was super depressed and stressed.  I felt like I had lost myself, like I had lost my identity.


Well, I had! And that was a good thing because my identity was my ED.  I had finally woken up!!! There is a lot of pain that comes with awareness… You can’t hide from your emotions and trauma anymore.  You have to confront them head on. I had to sit with all these painful feelings and that was almost unbearable. But I made it! I pulled through and came out with a light that shined brighter than ever before.  I remembered who I was again, the purest little girl, who loved creating magic.


Yoga got me through the darkest hours.  Yoga and mindfulness changed my life. Saved my life really.  I can’t wait to tell you more about how I finally freed my soul and found the LOVE and LIGHT within me once again.


I hope that by exposing myself here and being vulnerable with you that I help save others lives too.  That it not only creates more awareness but also more honesty and openness in our communities around these difficult topics.  

The Mindful Jess Story

The Mindful Jess Story

Currently I am flourishing.

I wake up every day inspired to create.  I feel free and alive. I am truly happy.  I am filled with joy and gratitude. I know that I am helping others and inspiring them too.  My asana practice has advanced to a level that I never dreamed I could get to. My connection to my practice is everything to me. I have tapped into a spiritual understanding and energy that I always knew was there, but didn’t know how to cultivate until now. I am breathing easier.  My skin is glowing. My body feels amazing and looks better than it ever has. My relationships are stronger. I feel safe and I am finally at peace.

If you saw me last August you wouldn’t believe that the above was possible.  You would have seen a scared, sad, hopeless little girl. You might not even believe that I was alive right now.  Trauma had been building in me for a long time. I was numb. It felt like I was asleep for most of the last ten years of my life. Maybe longer…

It began when I was 13.  That’s when I developed my first unhealthy, harmful coping mechanism.  I plan to talk at length about the details of this addiction in the near future.  

What was I coping with?  Life. Trauma from my past lives.  Trauma from my parents and their parents and many generations before my lifetime.  I was born a very sensitive yet very intense child. I had a ton of energy and I was very perfectionistic.   This is why I was a disciplined and successful gymnast.

I’ve always been strong, mentally and physically.  I have a lot of will power and determination. I am extremely kinetic and I have more body awareness than most.  

This can be a blessing and a curse.  I feel everything. Being in tune with your body means that you feel more, the good and the bad, but you also have a stronger ability to move energy.  For me, when my brain tells my body to do something my body knows somehow. My body is intuitive and has a mind of its own. My body has a gut brain and a heart brain.  My mind and body are connected. I never realized how truly connected they are until last year.

Last year, I WOKE UP.  I woke up from a 20 year slumber.  There had been moments where I had started to stir around and see the light but nothing like last year.  Last year I had to own all of my trauma, I had to be honest with myself about the numbing devices, I had copious amounts of pain to work through.  

My practice did this.  It woke me up, but it did it very strategically.  Yoga is divine. So what I am saying is, the all knowing divine universe knew exactly how to rouse me the right way so that I could finally see the light.  So that I could make it through the suffering and come out thriving on the other end. I trusted in this process and that’s why I am here now.

It is clear to me now that my purpose is to help others WAKE UP.  See their light and illuminate from the inside. It’s not easy which is why I want to be of service.  It takes a lot of support and trust and perseverance. I would love to guide and inspire others in this process.

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