I have been a passionate yoga practitioner for twelve years. Before that time, my personal asana or moving meditation was dance, gymnastics, skiing, hiking or anything where I was moving and connecting with my body.

When I found yoga and fell in love immediately is when I finally learned to breathe. I had been holding my breath my whole life and didn’t even know it. Yoga changed me. Yoga is my truth. I feel most at home when I am on the mat. It is a safe and deeply spiritual place for me.  I take great comfort in knowing it is always there to support me.

Spreading the love and light that a yoga and mindfulness practice has to offer the world and each unique individual is my mission. It is my destiny, my personal legend. I truly believe every person has a light inside of them and love that is burning in their hearts. Yoga can help to facilitate or brighten that light and soften your heart so you are filled with love and compassion.

When I did my teacher training in 2011 I learned that yoga is the path to end all suffering. All suffering in the universe is tied to expectations and attachment. If we can let go of those, our material possessions and attachments, we can find true happiness. We can be more honest with ourselves and to others, and let go of shame and sadness.

When we find more compassion for ourselves and stop judging ourselves we can’t help but do the same for others. A world without judgements is a harmonious utopia.

I want to help support you to take care of yourself. To truly be yourself and live intentionally and mindfully every moment of each day.

I am on a path of healing myself. Together we can heal each other with yoga and mindfulness. When we connect to our minds and bodies and really tune in, we can connect more deeply and meaningfully with one another.

Only then can we reach our full potential and be there to support one another along the way. This is what I believe wholeheartedly and this is my mission.  Please join me.  Yoga can change you the way that it has changed me and millions of other people all over the world.

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