Hi I'm Mindful Jess. I am a passionate yoga practitioner, a movement artist, creative director and a wellness warrior.  I spend most of my time inverted, creating interesting content, or doing acrobatics on another human.  I live in a Spiritual Playground. I've created a life I always dreamed of.  

I found my TRUTH and MAGIC after completing a personal challenge I called #yogaproject108 in 2017.  I went to 108 yoga classes in 108 days in a row.  During this time I cultivated awareness, became deeply connected to my practice and my community, and experienced an epic Spiritual Awakening.  I finally took ownership of a 20 year eating disorder and committed myself to my recovery and my wellness journey.  

So...that's how I got here.  Now my mission is to help you find your own personal TRUTH and MAGIC.  I am here to facilitate transformation, to get you in your BODY and out of your MIND.